6 Best Teas for Focus

What are the best teas for improving focus?

  1. Bacopa Monnieri tea
  2. Lion’s Mane tea
  3. Spearmint tea
  4. Ginkgo Biloba tea
  5. Hibiscus tea
  6. Black tea

We all have trouble staying focused at times. When this happens, it’s tempting to pick up a cup of coffee or even an energy drink to refocus on the task at hand. While they work in a pinch, they’re not always the healthiest drink for your mind — especially in the long run.

Instead, a safer yet highly effective alternative is teas. These drinks are packed with all the natural nutrients you need for a quick and healthy brain boost. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best teas for focus to help you find the perfect drink to get you through a busy and packed day:

Bacopa Monnieri tea

Bacopa Monnieri tea

One of the most popular herbs for the brain, Bacopa Monnieri is a common Ayurvedic herbal remedy for many ailments. Modern research supports its purported effects on your brain — even classifying it as a powerful nootropic.

Drinking Bacopa Monnieri tea does wonder for your ability to focus, process, and retain information. Research suggests it does this by helping your brain regulate hormone production. These hormones are what affect your mood, energy, and concentration. By controlling its production, it can boost your ability to focus on the task at hand.

It’s so effective, that Bacopa Monnieri tea can even help those with ADHD, a disorder that is characterized by inattentiveness, restlessness, and poor focus. One study found that taking this tea daily for 6 months significantly reduced ADHD symptoms. Additionally, it improved attention, focus, and impulse control in respondents. 

Lion’s Mane tea

Lion’s Mane is a medicinal mushroom that can be made into teas. It is typically found in certain regions of Europe, China, North America, and India. Lion’s Mane, like Bacopa Monnieri, is classified as a nootropic for its ability to support several brain functions. 

Taking Lion’s Mane tea daily can stimulate your brain’s production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) — a protein used in the growth and development of neurons. This makes it an incredible drink for improving your focus, alertness, memory, and mental health. 

Aside from buying Lion’s Mane teas (which can be difficult to find), you can try buying lion’s mane mushroom extract powders from your local tea or wellness stores and adding them to your favorite herbal teas. 

Spearmint tea

This tea is great for those looking for a brain boost, but without taking in any caffeine. Spearmint tea is a bracing, minty drink that is sure to perk you up after a long and difficult morning! Make a cup of spearmint tea when you need something to refresh your mind and center your attention when you start to feel that afternoon slump.

Plus, this tea contains antioxidant polyphenols that support healthy brain cells. These antioxidants help protect them from free radical damage, as well as promote growth — which in turn help improve your focus, working memory, and overall cognitive function.  

Ginkgo Biloba tea

Another popular herbal tea for improving your focus is Ginkgo Biloba. This herb is highly popular in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic practices for its ability to support brain health — particularly for memory and concentration.

It does this by stimulating blood flow towards your brain. What this does is ensure the brain gets a healthy, hearty dose of everything it needs (such as glucose and oxygen) to function at its best.

This herbal tea also contains two nutrients called terpenoids and flavonoids, which are known to boost memory and focus. These nutrients are also used by your body to protect your brain cells, which may protect your brain function in the long run.

Hibiscus tea

Made from parts of the hibiscus flower plant, this tea is one of the lesser-known brain-boosting drinks you can take. And yet, hibiscus tea is one of the most effective drinks at improving your focus and attention span.

Hibiscus tea is loaded with antioxidants, which help regulate free radicals in your body. This in turn prevents oxidative damage from affecting your brain cells and tissue. These antioxidants also support healthy blood pressure — which, as we mentioned before, can support more effective brain function. 

Sipping on a cup of hibiscus tea is a great way to lower your blood pressure levels and keep your free radical levels in check. This may help you focus better, even when that mid-morning stress hits.

Black tea

Another healthy, natural energy booster is black tea. This tea is known for its calming, yet focusing effect. While black tea has caffeine like coffee and energy drinks do, its caffeine content is much lower — so you can still gain that stimulated, energetic feeling without the bad side effects of caffeine.

Plus, black tea, being one of the “true” teas made from the Camellia sinensis plant, is a great source of the amino acid l-theanine. L-theanine is linked to many brain benefits, including inducing a focused, attentive state and improving one’s ability to process information. 

Key Takeaway

The best teas for focus can give you exactly what you need to power through the rest of your day, and stay on top of all the tasks you need to tackle. So the next time you find yourself losing focus — brew a cup of tea! 


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